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Andrew Fitzsimons’ client list stretches from Megan Fox to J.Lo and Hailey Bieber – here’s how he suggests setting hair up for success.

In this period of not having as much time, energy, or sleep as we did a few months ago, I’m all about small wins – the little things that save time or effort without needing much doing. From fruit-filled overnight oats (trust me) to using lipstick as a blusher, there are a few ways I like to make these dark months feel less like a slog. 

According to celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons though, many of us are making a critical mistake when trying to get our best hair possible with the least effort – using the same brush for everything. 

“Generally speaking, [great hair] comes down to products and the types of tools that you use. People often have their hair brush but, as with make-up, you need specific brushes and tools for specific hairstyles,” he tells Stylist.

Now, this doesn’t mean we all need a collection the size of a celebrity hairstylist’s, but Fitzsimons suggests kitting ourselves out with a few key brushes.

1. A natural bristle brush

“I prefer to use a natural bristle brush or a brush that corresponds with hair length,” says Fitzsimons. “I don’t like to use metal brushes – if the hairdryer is hot enough you don’t need a piece of hot metal as well.” This is doubly applicable if your hair is coloured or highlighted, he says.

2. A detangling brush

Fitzsimons also recommends investing in a detangling brush “with longer plastic spikes to polish the hair but also gently detangle it at the same time. Or, if you’re a curly girl with hair texture from 3a upwards, a bendable detangling brush.”

3. A smaller brush to detail

The last brush to have in your at-home hair arsenal is “a smaller-size brush to detail,” says Fitzsimons. “You want it to be smaller because you want to be able to pull down baby hairs or load it with gel or wax to snatch the hair up into the brush, pulling it up and smoothing down.”

Besides that, Fitzsimons says to never skimp on shine. Whether you mist a shine spray onto your detailing brush or spray directly onto the hair, it’s a finishing step not to skip.

“Shine is like putting highlighter on at the end of your make-up to make everything better,” he says. “For a very sleek hairstyle, it’s the amount of shine and uniformity you can get into it that makes it look luxurious.”

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