We’re used to seeing Amara La Negra with smooth skin and a beat face. But in a new photo she posted on Instagram, her beauty has been taken to the next level. The Afro-Latina reality star and singer is the embodiment of sexy African goddess. She’s channeling butterfly and sun energy while sporting beautiful faux locs and golden-dipped skin in a digital drawing by Gelila Mesfin. The Ethiopian artist behind the drawing explains on her website that her art is inspired by African culture and black women.

“My subject matter heavily focuses on black women because for a long period of time they were misrepresented and not fully appreciated as muses in the art community,” she says on her site. “My art is meant to uplift and celebrate the rich ancestry, heritage, culture and beauty that black women posses.”


Her current works start at $300 and go up to $5000. Based on this gorgeous depiction of Amara, she certainly has a treasured hand. This could have been a beautiful and creative way to do an ode to camp at this year’s Met Gala. There’s always next year Amara.

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