If you’re someone who loves to wear your hair down, you’ll know that branching out into up-dos can feel intimidating. 

When your hair is like a security blanket, it’s easy to feel insecure when you decide to tie it up, often bringing more attention to your face.

But experimenting with up-dos doesn’t need to be scary. 

If you’re looking for some easy hairstyles that will look cute while keeping your hair from sticking to the back of your neck during the heatwave, we’ve got you covered.

Neil Capstick, a haircare expert and founder of Neäl & Wølf, talks us through his favourite easy up-dos that anyone can master.

Sultry loose low bun

A sultry low bun is the perfect hairstyle for those transitioning from down to up.

It’s a classic, elegant style that can be worn for any occasion – plus, the loose strands framing your face make you feel like your hair’s still front and centre. 

‘To achieve this look, simply part the hair down the middle and scoop it into a low bun, leaving some face-framing strands to catch that chic and sultry look,’ Neil tells Metro.co.uk.

‘Don’t forget to lock in your look with a lightweight, non-crunchy hairspray.’

How to achieve a sultry low bun:

1. Part the hair down the middle.
2. Tie it into a low bun.
3. Leave out some strands to frame the face.

Spiky crocodile clip up-do

If you’re all about the Y2K resurgence, you can’t go wrong with a crocodile clip. 

Not only is this style easy, Neil says that it’s perfect for looking trendy between washes while keeping your hair out of your face.

For some added Y2K charm, don’t be afraid to backcomb the ends of your hair for a spiky feel. 

How to achieve a spiky crocodile clip up-do:

Sleek high ponytail 

A slicked-back high ponytail (à la Ariana Grande) is an undeniably timeless look.

It’s the perfect style to look chic while bringing more attention to your makeup or outfit.

Neil suggests trying this look on washed dry hair. 

How to achieve a slicked back ponytail:

Fun and quirky space buns

Finally, opt for something a little more ‘out there’ with some messy space buns

The low-effort look reaps high rewards with a very 90s fashion feel. 

You can try this look with your front strands out, or scrape it all back between wash days. 

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