Hoda Kotb debuted a much darker hair color after a mishap with keratin left her hair a bright orange hue.

Hoda Kotb, 57, always looks fabulous no matter what she does and that’s exactly what she did when she debuted a hair makeover on The Today Show on Dec. 21. Hoda showed off a much darker hairstyle on the show that was a dark brown which she had blown out and straight. She admitted on the show that she dyed her hair dark after she had an incident with her keratin treatment that left her hair a completely different color.

Just a day before Hoda debuted her dark brown hair, she was rocking a brassy orange color that almost had shades of orange. She admitted to guest co-host, Sheinelle Jones, “My whole family’s coming today so I decided I wanted to do that keratin treatment I like to do. It just takes the frizz out so I’m like ‘I’ll do that early, I’m gonna be on it.’”

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However, Hoda’s usual salon was closed, so she had one of the stylists come to her home. When she was done with the treatment, she said her hair was “fire-engine orange,” “like Bozo orange.” She then said, “I looked and I go ‘What happened?’”

While her hair was totally botched, she did make sure to say that her stylist is actually “amazing,” but “I think it was something funky with the chemicals.” To give viewers an idea of what her hair looked like, she grabbed a Kleenex box as a comparison, saying, “It was like this orange on the Kleenex box … I was like an orange Q-tip.”

After suffering this mishap, Hoda said that a stylist from the set corrected her hair at 3:15 AM. “She just started putting stuff on it and it’s dark brown now, so that’s the way it is. So there,” she concluded.

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