Gems around the eyes have been creeping into the beauty scene over the last couple of years.

Subtle or dramatic, the full spectrum is available to you with tools like these.

Free from the shackles of lockdown, beauty got way more fun in 2021 as glamour came back.

Since then, gems have been gearing towards having a big moment and this summer looks set to be it.

Seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid, Lucy Boynton, Zooey Deschanel, Whitney Peak, Julia Garner and plenty more celebrities, eye gems add a little something special and elevate a makeup look in a way that eyeshadow could never.

Jo Baker, the celebrity makeup artist behind Lucy Boynton and Zooey Deschanel’s looks, tells us: ‘Gems have become the skill-free way to self-adorn – you don’t need to be a pro to throw gems on and elevate your beauty game’.

While they look fiddly to apply, Jo says otherwise, and has even created her own gem pack for her beauty line Bake Up given how much more popular they are becoming.

Jo says: ‘This trend isn’t going anywhere – it’s going to keep growing.

‘Whether you’re a Vogue editor or an eight-year-old going to a birthday party, they are made to be worn by anyone and everyone.  

‘You can wear them at a cocktail party, a concert, or a picnic.

‘And whether you’re a beauty fan or not, gems allow you to self-express without needing any other makeup.’

At this year’s Met Gala, Gigi Hadid wore a single pearl gem at the centre of her lower lash lines – it can be as simple as that, while still being striking.

Those wanting more can go for an extended gem wing, like Jo did on Lucy’s eyelids.

She says all you need is a pair of tweezers, so you can precisely apply them with ease, especially if the gems are small. She also recommends buying self-adhesive ones, so you don’t need to faff about with glue.

Want to shop the look?

BAKEUP Beauty Gem Playbox Set, £24

This is Jo’s own brand and there’s over 400 gems to play with a range of colours and designs.

Half Magic Face Gems, £12

Want Euphoria-style looks? These gems are made by the show’s artist.

Claire’s Anodized Skin Gems, £2.75

Give the trend a go at a low cost this festival season.

SimiHaze Eye Play Gem Pack, £35

Follow the pattern on the card for the easiest look.

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