The new ghd Oracle is about to make curling your hair so much easier

Curling your hair can take time and whole lot of effort.

If you’ve ever struggled with hair straighteners or a curling wand, you know that getting pristine and perfect curls can be harder than it looks. Not forgetting all the fumbling around, arm ache, burnt fingers (and in Tori Locklear’s case, burning off your hair), that’s more frequently than not involved.

Enter cult hair tool brand ghd, who have released the ghd Oracle , a new tool that claims to ‘create endless curls in one simple stroke’.

The brand who revolutionised hair straighteners have spent over 7 years, 675,000 hours of testing and £5.2 million perfecting its latest tool. And it could just be the solution to your hair curling woes.

Adam Reed, ghd Global Ambassador, who helped devise the new tool, said: ‘So many of my clients struggle to curl their hair, but with the new ghd oracle, curling is now as easy as straightening.’

Here at we’ve tested the tool and can confirm it works like magic, but really it’s all down to physics – it’s genius.

Here’s everything you need to know.

How does the ghd Oracle work?

First the ghd Oracle heats the hair to 185 degrees, which is the optimum temperature for shaping the hair without damaging the underlying structure.

The hair then goes through the unique u-shaped barrel. By using that you can shape the hair to a desired curl or wave.

When your hair comes out of the curl zone, the Oracle crash cools the hair to instantly set it, to help ensure long-lasting results.

By varying the angle and the speed in which you use the tool, you can get a different result from a nice tight curl to a soft wave.

Adam explained this is trick of the tool: ‘It is all about the tilt you run the tool down your hair and the speed in which you glide it through – always work smoothly with the tool in one smooth movement, [otherwise] the curls won’t look seamless and it can create kinks’.

What’s it like to use?

Ghd tools are the holy grail of hair styling, because they really work – and the ghd Oracle is no exception.

We tested the brands new styler and it heats up in a flash, glides through hair nicely with no snagging or frying, and works equally well as a curling iron but with very little effort required.

Once you get the angle and speed right, the tool truly does create curls of your dreams in a matter of seconds. However, this does take a little practice. If you tilt the device at 90 degrees and glide the device down as you would hair straighteners the curls will be tighter, opposed to tilting at 45 degrees and pulling down vertically which creates looser curls.

We love that there’s no twisting or turning of the hair. You simply clamp, turn to your desired degree, glide your hair down, release, and voila, the perfect curl is formed.

If you’re as useless as we are at curling our hair, it makes curling your hair easier than ever.

It’s a game changer for those looking for a loyal curling companion.

How much does the ghd Oracle cost?

It’s priced at £175, which is certainly more expensive than their tongs and wands.

Where to buy the ghd Oracle in-store and online

But despite the price, you’re going to want to try it ASAP.

The ghd Oracle is exclusive to Rush Salons – you can find your nearest salon at

And as for when the ghd Oracle will be available online, we hate to break it to you, but it won’t be. This is because ghd want you learn how to use the new gadget and the technique needed to turn your tresses into perfect spirals, corkscrews, and waves.

Adam explains: ‘As it is a completely new tool to the hair tool category it is important you learn how to use it first – and then it is super easy!’

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