Written by Morgan Fargo

Seen on TikTok, the Italian bob is the work of leading hairdressing duo The Hair Bros. 

The heat of the last few days has been, in a nutshell, unbearable. 

If you live in a city or largely populated place, the sheer idea of being able to escape it has felt like an illicit fantasy. I considered setting up my work-from-home shop in my bathroom this morning – just to be amid the cool tiles and windowless, two-degree-colder air. 

One thought that pops up morning, noon and sleepless night is finally committing to the big chop. The haircut that would transform my long, fairly classic cut into a chic signature bob. Of course, the late-night TikTok scrolling doesn’t help. Everywhere I look, I’m faced with a bob I want. The midi bob was my first crush, but now I have a new object of desire – the chunky-ended Italian bob. 

The work of leading hairdressing Hair Bros duo Nick Latham and Seán Paul Nother, the neck-grazing Italian bob is versatile, full of volume, with defined, heavy ends. 

In a detailed post on TikTok, Latham breaks down the style: “We start by cutting the length and finding a good base and really lightly graduating it into the baseline, to make sure it’s got a bit of a softer finish. Working our way around to the front, making sure that the front corners aren’t left too long. Following that up by adding a bit of face-framing shape.”

Then, Latham moves on to styling. 

“We’re going to add a little bit of product, I’m using the Hair Story Lift (volumising spray). Then, we put the hair in some small buns and lightly clip the top pieces, which will really help with lift and volume. Last, we use a hairdryer on the top.”

If the Italian bob feels like a step too far, take a look at the midi bob. It’s slightly longer, falling at the space between your chin and neck, and looks instantly lived in. Similarly versatile, both bobs encapsulate the natural movement and body of less-styled hair while still maintaining the chicness of a statement cut.  

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