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Blood, heartbreak, and diamantes: Euphoria is back and the nail art is better than ever.

I watch Euphoria for a number of reasons. I want to know if Rue will end up happy; if Jules will advocate for herself; if evil Mr Jacobs will meet his maker in a horrible, well-deserved graphic way. More than any of that, though, I watch it for the incredible hair, make-up, and beauty work. 

The sweet baby bangs, popstar-esque glitter clips, undulating mermaid waves, and psychedelic eyeshadow all keep me glued to the sofa and off my phone for an entire episode. This season, I can’t take my eyes off Cassie’s diamante nails. The work of Euphoria and celebrity nail artist Natalie Minerva, they’re everything my 00s-obsessed heart loves. 

So, in the spirit of bringing more Euphoria-inspired individuality into the everyday, I went searching for every way to wear diamantes on my digits. Here are all the ones I can’t stop looking at. 

1. “The Cassie”


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A recreation of Cassie’s infamous show-stealing premiere manicure, four equal-size diamante appliques are placed in a straight vertical line over a skin-coloured base. Simple and effective, it’s an eye-catching, texturised way to push the boundaries of a simple colour palette.

2. Chandelier nails


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A creation of Euphoria nail designer Natalie Minerva, this design is coined a “chandelier”, referencing the elegant, light-reflecting teardrop diamante shape.

3. Singular diamantes


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Simplicity personified, this classic French manicure with singular, strategic diamantes feels frivolous and jolly – a robust antidote to winter.

4. Secondary diamantes


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Just because they’re extra, doesn’t mean diamantes have to steal the show. Instead, as shown here, they can form a textured accent to an already involved style.

5. The maximalist diamante manicure


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Wendy Williams said: “She’s an icon, she’s a legend, she is the moment.” Who knew she was describing this manicure and not, as it were, Peppa Pig? A veritable wall of diamantes, save for a special occasion or when you need that extra oomph. 

6. The singular maximalist diamante manicure


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Or, if you prefer to nod to maximalism, adorn one digit in gems and paint the rest in a skin-neutral tone. 

7. Diamante crowns


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A variation on the popular skinny French manicure, adorn your digits with minute diamante gems and a nude coloured base. 

8. “The midnight Cassie”


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A darker, vampy version of the Euphoria Cassie design, pair a vertical diamante line with a midnight manicure in indigo or black. 

9. A string of diamantes


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A blink and you’ll miss it way to wear diamantes, choose as small a gem as possible to execute this delicate nail design. 

10. Starlight


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Bring celestial nail stars, orbs, and supernovas to life by placing a diamante gem in the centre of each.

11. Dippin’ dots


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Whether you go for complementary or clashing colours, choosing one finger to decorate with gems of different sizes immediately elevates a more traditional design. 

12. Higgledy-piggledy


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Middle, bottom, top – it doesn’t really matter where you place the diamond, so long as they’re slightly haphazard 

13. Diamante net

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Corresponding horizontal lines of diamantes for a “net” effect over the nail bed. Choose smaller sizes to create a tighter woven net.

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