10 Taylor Swift Songs To Listen To When You’re Falling In Love

The only thing better than falling in love is listening to love songs while you swoon. And who better to listen to in these moments than Taylor Swift, an artist who’s made a career out of baring her heart and soul. From her self-titled debut album through Evermore, Swift has shared all the ups and downs of her epic love life in a way that’s equal parts raw and enigmatic, which is kinda like love itself when you think about it. Naturally, there are going to be plenty of Taylor Swift songs for when you’re falling in love that you’re gonna wanna listen to on repeat.

There really is something special about a love song when you’re in a new romance. They just hit differently. All the formerly sappy words just make sense in a way they haven’t before, and you realize that everything Swift’s singing comes from a real place of truth. It’s eye-opening, invigorating, and a bit scary to fall in love because it comes with a very particular kind of vulnerability. And Swift’s music just really gets all of that. So, if you’re starting to catch feelings for someone new, fire up your Spotify and swoon to these Swift numbers because they’re the perfect soundtrack for falling in love.

1. “Love Story”

Romeo and Juliet might be a tragic love story, but like the Shakespearean play that inspired these lyrics, this song expresses the delicious ache that comes with new love.

2. “Jump Then Fall”

This song’s for that moment when those first butterflies hit. You suddenly realize that there’s a new depth to the way you feel about someone. It’s the first sign that you’re falling, and it’s so sweet.

3. “Sparks Fly”

Do you know that feeling of reckless abandon that comes with having super-hot chemistry with someone new? Yeah, this song’s all about that. The time when every kiss, every smile, and every moment just makes your heart beat a little faster.

4. “State of Grace”

If you’ve been in the dating game for a while, chances are you and the person you’re falling for have a past along with some of the scars and baggage that come with that. But new love is healing. New love is about a fresh start and putting those pieces back together, and sometimes that starts with grace, both for your new love and yourself.

5. “Delicate”

While a new love’s exciting and precious, it can also feel fragile. Like one wrong step, one wrong word, one push too hard can shatter everything. Yep, I can relate to that feeling, and that’s what makes this song so real.

6. “Call It What You Want”

Maybe you’re not ready to put labels on it yet, but you know how you feel and that you’re falling. This song says all the things you’re feeling but might not have the words to express. Plus it’s a bop.

7. “Lover”

This song’s about that desire to give your heart, soul, and body to a new love. Yup, been there, done that. Swoon.

8. “Paper Rings”

You’ve heard the saying that “when you know, you know.” That’s what this song is all about: that feeling when everything else goes away, and, at your core, you know someone’s the one.

9. “Fearless”

Love requires a leap of faith. Fearless is all about going for it and jumping in headfirst, um, fearlessly.

10. “Willow”

Real love means real vulnerability, and there’s strength in truly opening up to someone. To say, “You’re the one. Wherever you go, I’m ready to follow.”

Love is complicated, messy, and so exciting, and Swift just really seems to get it all. Her willingness to bare it all through her music is what makes her an artist, and is why her music continues to resonate. Especially when you’re falling in love again — or for the very first time.

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