Adam Sandler Gives More Details About His SNL Firing: 'He Didn't Like Farley and Me'

“At the time, I was hurt because I didn’t know what else I was going to do,” said the movie star.

Adam Sandler is reflecting on his surprise firing from "Saturday Night Live" almost 24 years after the fact.

During a recent interview on "The Howard Stern Show", the actor and comedian, 55, talked about getting the axe back in 1995 when he was let go of the popular NBC sketch show with his co-star and friend, Chris Farley.

"At the time, it wasn’t Lorne’s decision. The NBC head dude, I know he didn’t like our gang. Me and Farley," Sandler explained, referring to Lorne Michaels, who was Executive Producer of the show at the time, when Sandler and Farley were cast members alongside Chris Rock, David Spade, Rob Schneider and more.

Warren Littlefield was the NBC President in 1995.

"I was hurt because I didn’t know what else I was going to do," continued Sandler, saying the news "put a lump" in his throat. And the news came from his manager at the time during an awkward, but hilarious conversation.

"My manager, Sandy, he was talking to me and I said ‘Yeah, next year on the show, blah, blah, blah’ and he’s like, ‘Maybe you don’t go back next year,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know man, I still got a few more things.’ He’s like ‘Yeah, but you did it already,’" Sandler began.

"And then I was like ‘Yeah, I’ll think about it, and he’s like, ‘I think you thought about it,’" Sandler added as host Howard Stern laughed recognizing Sandler’s manager’s mind trick.

Sandler said he was avoiding his true feelings after the initial shock of getting canned.

"I was probably — covering the sadness up with being mad and saying ‘Oh, f–k you,’" Sandler recalled. "But I remember when I saw Farley, he said to me, ‘Me too, they don’t want me either.’ We were both like ‘F–k this s–t.’ We got mad together, pretended we weren’t sad and pretended this was for the best."

Stern asked the "Grown Ups" star if he felt vindicated after hosting the show this past May, where he played a beautiful tribute to Farley — who died at the age of 33 in 1997 — via song on his guitar.

"I might have been like that 15 years ago if I came on and did well," Sandler answered. "I’m f–king old enough now. I realize what ‘Saturday Night Live’ did for me."

Sandler can next be seen in the jewel-heist drama "Uncut Gems," due out on December 13th.

Regarding the film, the mastermind behind "The Ridiculous 6" joked if he’s not nominated for an Oscar for his role in the drama, "I’m going to f–king come back and do one again that is so bad on purpose just to make you all pay. That’s how I get them."

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