Aladdin really does give Jasmine the best view of Agrabah in this new clip from Aladdin.

The scene is right before the iconic “A Whole New World”.

“Filming it, you’re surrounded by blue screen, you’re on this foam carpet that kind of moves and is really uncomfortable, and the wind’s blowing,” Naomi Scott recently shared with USA Today about the scene.

She continues, In people’s minds, you think, ‘Oh my gosh, that must have been the most magical moment,’ when really it probably wasn’t. Poor Mena’s [Massoud] not got very strong ankles so he’s kneeling on this flipping foam thing going, ‘When are we done?!’”

“That’s the reality of it. But when I see it on screen is when I think it will hit me.”

The flick is out in theaters on May 24th. Check out the clip below!

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