You may still be shipping Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac after that extremely horny clip from the 2021 Venice Film Festival red carpet, but (!!) turns out they’re actually just friends and Jessica is very much married to someone else. Oh, and btw, her husband is pretty much as close to royalty as a girl who isn’t named Kate or Meghan can get. In the mood to quickly find out literally every single thing about this guy? Same. Let’s dive in.

Jessica’s Husband Is Technically a Count

…Which makes her technically a countess??!! But yeah, Gian Luca comes from Italian nobility and has even worked for major brands like Armani and Moncler.

His family *also* just so happens to own a truly gorgeous estate in Italy that makes its own wine, Prosecco di Villa Tiepolo Passi.

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^ Yah, this looks expensive.

So How Did Jessica and Her Husband Meet?

Glad you asked! In Paris, aka the city of love that Lauren Conrad never went to. Jessica told Kelly Ripa their meeting was on the same day she was nominated for her role in The Help, saying, “It was the beginning of my career and then I met my future husband—who knew?”

She also said as much to ES in 2017, clarifying that their meeting took place at a fashion show: “Yeah, we met at a fashion show five and a half years ago in Paris, on the day that I got nominated for The Help. That’s what I call a good day.”

Interestingly, Jessica didn’t actually want to get married at first, telling the Wall Street Journal in 2018, “He knew that marriage wasn’t something I was interested in. And then as we got to know each other, the idea of marriage shifted for me. There are some things worth celebrating—and he’s worth celebrating.”

The couple eventually decided to make it official in 2017 on Gian Luca’s private Italian estate (what, you don’t have one?), and Jessica spoke out against leaked photos from the event, saying, “Thank you for all the sweet comments about my wedding. I love you and it was a beautiful day. I am going to ask you to please stop sharing the photos. Helicopters disregarded a no-fly zone and took those pics during the ceremony. Every time I see them, I’m reminded of the insensitivity of that moment. I promise that I will share pics with you in the future, but I would prefer to share photos that celebrate love, not intrusion.”

Did you hear? Im off the market 😉
Gianluca & I got married! We wanted privacy & aren’t selling photos but Ill post something in the future ❤

They Have Two Daughters Together

The couple welcomed their daughter Giulietta in April 2018, and Jessica confirmed the happy news on Instagram, thanking her followers in the process “for respecting my privacy while I was blessed with the gift of becoming a mother.”

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Page Six reported that the couple had a second daughter in 2020.

She Rarely Walks the Red Carpet With Her Husband

Jessica takes her private life seriously, which means she chooses not to attend most red carpet events with Gian Luca. “I’ve never gone on the red carpet with a significant other,” she said back in 2016. “Never.”

That said, they’ve occasionally broken that rule—like during the 2022 Oscars and the Golden Globe Awards in 2019:

And they often get photographed *at* events, like the Critics Choice Awards in 2018:

And this Lakers game in 2017:

And they definitely aren’t afraid of being cute on social media together!

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A post shared by Jessica Chastain (@jessicachastain)

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A post shared by Gian Luca Passi De Preposulo (@preposulo)

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By the Way, Jessica Did End Up Speaking Out About That Oscar Video

Since a lot of people didn’t realize Jessica was married due to her relationship being so low-key, she clarified on the Today show that she and Oscar are married “to other people” and explained, “Let me just say, this is a slow-motion video and everything is super sexy in slow motion. I think it’s really funny because when you look at it in regular speed, I’m looking straight ahead and he just looks over at me, and he just kinda goes to give me a peck on my elbow and at the same time I’m going to give him a hug, so all of a sudden his face is in my armpit, so he made a joke out of it…like, look, he’s smiling there.”


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