Amber Heard is closing the book on the defamation case brought by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp — a decision that’s going to cost her 7 figures.

The actress just issued a lengthy statement announcing that she’s settled with Johnny — this as opposed to going through with her appeal — which she just recently filed. Amber says, in part … “This is not an act of concession. There are no restrictions or gags with respect to my voice moving forward.”

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … Amber is going to shell out just $1 million to Johnny — but we’re told it’ll be money from her insurance company, not her own pocket.

As for what she has to say about it further … Amber explains she never chose this, and that all she ever did was defend and speak her truth — which she notes has destroyed her life … via vilification through social media and beyond, which she calls a humiliation she can’t relive again. AH says she did this to move forward and emancipate herself from this saga.

Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Suit, Amber Wins Countersuit

Johnny Depp Wins Defamation Suit, Amber Wins Countersuit

Amber also makes sure to mention the fact that she has lost faith in the American legal system — having been found liable for defaming Johnny, whereas in the UK … the verdict came in her favor. She says she has exhausted almost all of her resources in fighting this thing here — and in the end, it seems she’s decided it was going to be a losing battle.

One other thing … Amber says she’s going to now focus on things that matter to her life, including working for causes she believes in, not to mention time with her daughter.

She adds, “I will not be threatened, disheartened or dissuaded by what happened from speaking the truth. No one can and no one will take that from me. My voice forever remains the most valuable asset I have.” Amber ends by thanking those who’ve backed her all along.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Together

Johnny, for his part, hasn’t addressed the settlement.

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