Apple’s newest fancy gadget — an AR headset — could be a massive hit, but considering recent tech history, it might be a huge flop … so says one plugged in journo.

We’re talking about Apple Vision Pro — which Tim Cook and co. unveiled Monday as their latest “game-changer” … and, yes, it took the internet/Twitter by storm. It’s an augmented reality device that you slip over your face (much like traditional VR headsets).

The difference here … the real world is only slightly digitized — with iPhone screens/apps popping up in front of your eyes, almost making them seem like they’re integrated into your actual reality.

The footage and photos they showed off at the big Apple showcase from their Bay Area HQ definitely made it look cool, but the question is … will anyone actually buy into this???

Welp, according to tech reporter Ian Sherr … the odds might be in Apple’s favor for this one. He came on “TMZ Live” to break down the new toy — and he says while it certainly has the potential to flop, similar to Meta’s Oculus headset, he thinks it might actually catch on.

Ian says the fact Vision Pro offers a decent blend of reality with augmented reality, along with the functionality and addictive entertainment we get in smartphones … might be enough to set it apart from previous headset failures.

In other words, this one gives you more to do than just play games … which has, by and large, been what other VR headsets have been able to produce thus far. Here, Ian says Apple might’ve struck the right balance to give people a truly unique experience.

Plus, he notes Apple has gambled big in the past and won people over, despite initial doubters … like there are now.

As for the price tag, it wasn’t announced when we were talking to Sherr — but it’s since been revealed … a whopping $3,500, which is A LOT.

Time will tell if folks wanna shell out that much just to close themselves off from the outside world. Another option, they could just go and buy an old Google Glass for much cheaper … which, as many online have rightly noted, is essentially the same as this … circa 2013.

The marketplace will ultimately decide, we suppose. Feast your eyes, America!

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