Apprentice star Lottie Lion’s family ‘fearing for her sanity’ amid race row

The family of Apprentice star Lottie Lion are reportedly 'fearing for her sanity' amid an ongoing race row.

The 19-year-old business hopeful is looking to land Lord Sugar's investment on the BBC show but her conduct away from the cameras has caused alarm.

An investigation is underway after Lottie's fellow contestants accused her of being racist in a WhatsApp group.

The teenage business hopeful has sparked concerns for her wellbeing as the race row threatens to engulf her.

The Daily Mail has reported that friends and family are questioning whether bosses at the BBC show are doing enough to safeguard Lottie as the race allegations are having an impact.

Lottie's mother, Stephanie Blackmore, has spoken about her fears to a friend who has said she is worried about her daughter's sanity.

The friend revealed: "It was awful. Charlotte was on the phone in floods of tears on several occasions.

"I was very worried about the effect of the attacks on her by other candidates.

"Since the show has aired it is a constant barrage of vile comment on social media. It is very debilitating for her."

Lottie's mother has said that she was not initially supportive of her daughter being involved on the show.

She said that she feared Lottie taking part in the Apprentice as it wouldn't be a "positive experience".

The librarian allegedly abused 33-year-old Lubna Farhan in a WhatsApp conversation, in which she said "shut up Gandhi" and "I'll f*** you up".

Lubna is not the only contestant to have lodged a complaint about Lottie behaviour and there have been claims that bullying and homophobia were edited out of the show.

The West Country resident is also alleged to have said that the area of Somerset where she lives, had a low crime rate "because not many black people live there".

A spokesperson for the BBC has said that Lottie's comments "were wholly unacceptable," as it was revealed that the teen also hit out at trans women, claiming they 'would not be allowed into the ladies club she belongs to'.

The Apprentice has come under fire this series as five of the first six candidates to have been fired were of black and minority ethnic.

A spokesperson for the show has insisted that their performance in the tasks is the only driving factor as to whether Lord Sugar keeps them in the process.

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