Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo are set to square off when the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers take the field in Super Bowl LIV. The last time the Chiefs and 49ers played each other was in the third week of the 2018 season in a game that ended Garoppolo’s season. While both quarterbacks will be competing hard to win a championship for their team, are Mahomes and Garoppolo friends off the field?

Patrick Mahomes opens up about going to the Super Bowl

There is no denying that Mahomes is one of the most skilledquarterbacks in the NFL. During the past two seasons, Mahomes has made some ofthe craziest passes in the history of the league, convincing fans that he canthrow the ball in just about any situation.

Although this is only Mahomes’ second season as a startingquarterback, he understands that making it to the Super Bowl requires a teameffort.

“Being in the right organization with the right coaches, theright teammates … being in this league, it’s not about one person,” Mahomesshared. “It’s not about the quarterback. It’s about your team and how you goout there and play as a team and play together.”

He added that Jimmy Garoppolo probably has the exact same opinionabout his team, especially when it comes to taking advantage of rareopportunities.

Patrick Mahomes has led the Chiefs to the Super Bowl with some dynamic play at the quarterback position. The 49ers, on the other hand, have leaned on a stingy defense and have not needed Garoppolo to do any heavy lifting — at least not yet.

The Chiefs and 49ers square off

Between the explosive offense of the Chiefs and the 49ers’ elitedefense, there is no telling which team will come out on top this year. Makingan accurate Super Bowl prediction is even harder given how the Chiefs and 49ershaven’t played each other in a meaningful game since 2018.

When they faced each other in week 3 of the 2018 season, theChiefs defeated the 49ers 38-27. But the biggest moment of the game came whenGaroppolo tore his ACL in the fourth quarter.

Without their star quarterback for the remainder of the season,the 49ers finished with a dismal 4-12 record. But because of their poorperformance, they were able to pick Nick Bosa in the draft.

Fast forward a year later and the 49ers are in a good spot to finish the year on top. While it is good to see Jimmy Garoppolo back from the injury, he shared a moment with Mahomes after the game that left a lasting impression.

Garoppolo praises Mahomes

Garoppolo was carted off the field after he tore his ACL in thegame against the Chiefs. Once the game was over, Mahomes actively searched forGaroppolo and found him in the tunnels.

Although the two had never met, Garoppolo still remembers what PatrickMahomes told him and had nothing but good things to say about the Chiefsquarterback.

“I didn’t even know Pat at the time. For him to come out of hisway after the game and wish me luck and everything, just a real class act. Theguy is awesome, on the field, off the field, he does it all,” he recalled.

Mahomes and Garoppolo have not had a chance to talk after thatgame in 2018. In a recent interview, the 49ers star admitted that he andMahomes are not friends off the field, but he still remembers their interactionfondly.

Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo are linked by one trade

Another interesting aspect at work here is the unlikely tradethat led to Mahomes and Garoppolo landing on their respective teams — and itall has something to do with Colin Kaepernick.

When former 49ers quarterback Alex Smith went down with aconcussion in 2012, Kaepernick shined as his replacement. In light ofKaepernick’s success, the team immediately named him their starter and went allthe way to the Super Bowl that year.

The 49ers eventually traded Smith to the Chiefs, though theirexperiment with Kaepernick fell apart by 2016. The Chiefs also got tired ofSmith, who was bringing them success but could not get them to the next level.

Eager to find a more dynamic quarterback, the Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes in 2017. The 49ers had a chance to draft Mahomes that same year, but they traded their pick in hopes to land Kurt Cousins in free agency.

After seeing Mahomes’ potential, the Chiefs let Smith gofollowing the 2017 season. The 49ers meanwhile, got an amazing deal when theNew England Patriots offered to trade Garoppolo in exchange for a measly second-roundpick.

In 2018, both Patrick Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo led their teamsin their first year as starting quarterbacks. But it is possible that neitherteam would have been in that position if it hadn’t been for Kaepernick.

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