Bella Hadid in Dior at the Cannes Film Festival: ruffled glamour or basic-bland?

Finally, a little injection of superfluous, dumb glamour at the Cannes Film Festival. I’m sure that at some point, Cannes’ organizers will step forward and claim that their intention was to dial down the crazy fashion and the extravaganza this year. When that happens, just tell them “mission accomplished.” It’s kind of a sad day when I’m *this* excited about Bella Hadid. Bella came to Cannes probably as part of some deal with Dior, or maybe some beauty contract. Bella’s been in years past too, and I appreciate the fact that we got someone fun and young on the carpet – these photos are from the Rocketman premiere last night. Bella wore Dior couture, and it’s just a triangle made out of ruffles. It doesn’t fit her properly, no one needs this many ruffles and her makeup isn’t good. Still, love seeing her on the carpet!

Shailene Woodley also wore Dior – a tuxedo dress and matching tuxedo… bike shorts? Why is 2019 Cannes the “festival of bike shorts”?? I like a woman in a tuxedo, but this is a bad tuxedo look.

Eva Longoria in my favorite dress on her so far, a gold Cristina Ottaviano Fall 2019. Stunning. Beautifully designed.

Dita Von Teese is Dita Von Teese, she’s never going to phone it in. I would hate this on anyone else, but she pulls it off.

Priyanka Chopra in a really boring, undramatic Roberto Cavalli. What is this mess? I mean, it’s not a mess, it’s a fine, basic gown. Unremarkable.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Backgrid.

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