Black Army Vets Call for Police Reform Over Lt. Held at Gunpoint

The violent traffic stop of Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario has Black veterans demanding changes from law enforcement — reform to ensure Black soldiers aren’t treated like crap.

Several state commanders for the National Association for Black Veterans tell TMZ … something’s gotta change among police departments to avoid a repeat of the treatment Lt. Nazario got in Virginia … getting pepper-sprayed 4 times by cops barking orders.

The commanders, who all saw the incident as blatant racism, suggested different approaches — increasing racial sensitivity training, improving police department hiring practices, shifting police funding and more criminal prosecution of bad cops.

The Kentucky commander we spoke to wants to see funds for tanks and special equipment reallocated and invested into mental health services for cops, plus the creation of a citizens review board.

The Texas commander wants police departments to look closer at prospective officers’ intentions before handing them a badge and a gun, and added … the cops on the Nazario stop looked like they treated the Lt. that way on purpose.

As we first reported … Lt. Nazario’s attorney, Jonathan Arthur, says prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into the incident. Once completed, Virginia State Police will submit their findings to the Isle of Wight Commonwealth Attorney for possible charges, or to a special prosecutor.

The NABVETS commanders all told us they don’t believe cops have a lack of respect for those serving our country — but do feel there was a lack of respect given to Lt. Nazario, who is Black and Latino, because of his skin color.

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