Britney Spears takes down her Instagram amid renewed family tensions

Once again, Britney Spears has gone M.I.A. on the ‘Gram. Just one week after she tied the knot with Sam Asghari, the singer appears to have taken down her Instagram account, as of early Thursday, June 16. In the days that followed the couple’s at-home ceremony and reception, Brit shared multiple photos and videos of her big day with Sam. Among them, were pics of the couple’s guests, including Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez and more stars. Britney’s family was reportedly not invited — no surprise, really, given the singer’s longstanding claims her mom, dad and sister exploited her success through her now-defunct conservatorship and other means. It’s possible Brit decided to take a breather from social media because of post-wedding conflicts with her parents, Jamie and Lynn Spears, and siblings, Jamie Lynne and Bryan Spears. According to Page Six, Britney recently snapped at Bryan on Instagram after multiple outlets claimed he’d been invited to the wedding. “You were never invited to my wedding,” she reportedly posted on June 14, adding, “GO F*** YOURSELF Bryan.” The next day, Britney reportedly reposted a video featuring a voiceover that said,”And don’t you ever forget how they gave you distance when you needed love.” In the caption, she wrote, “Just saying!!!!” Although Brit’s mom gushed last week in comments on one of Britney’s post-nuptials posts that she looked “radiant and happy” and had a “dream wedding,” Lynne reportedly responded to the “gave you distance when you needed love” message by writing, “You have got to be kidding me!! 🙄.

Keep reading for details on Pete Davidson’s hilarious debut on ‘The Kardashians’ …

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Pete Davidson finally makes his ‘Kardashians’ debut after romantic Tahiti getaway with Kim

You know it’s getting serious when a Kardashian’s love interest makes it onto the show … And for Pete Davidson, that moment came courtesy of a jokey exchange with Kim as she introduced him to a longtime crew member in the season finale of “The Kardashians” on June 16. A post-credits scene shows Kim filming a confessional as Pete apparently stands off-camera. “You have to meet Paxy,” Kim tels him, referencing a producer E! News identifies as audio supervisor Erin Paxton. “Paxy has worked with me as audio 14 years from ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians.’ She knows everything about me.” Kim then quips, “She’s probably seen my …,” finishing the sentence with the technical term for a certain lady part. “More than me?” asks Pete, still off-camera. “Not more than you,” Kim replies. “But she’s probably seen it.” Paxy notes that she has not seen said body part, to which Kim replies, “We’ll get there, it takes time to warm up to seeing” it, before cracking a joke at her own expense: “But you could look on the internet.” Pete’s “voice debut” comes after a few moments of high praise for Pete from Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick. “He’s just a great person. You can tell he cares about people’s feelings,” Scott tells Khloe. “I’m happy that she has someone that’s nice to her, that caters to her,” Khloe replies. “I think she hasn’t had that in a really long time.” Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, were first spotted together last fall. The couple recently returned from a romantic trip to Tahiti, sans Kim’s kids, People reported on June 15. “Kim is head over heels,” a source told the outlet. “She can’t get enough of Pete. He treats her so well. He is protective, super supportive and just a great guy for Kim.” Kim filed for divorce from Kanye West in February 2021.

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Post Malone says fiancee saved his life during ‘really rough point’ with alcohol

Rapper, singer and new dad Post Malone credits his fiancee with helping him overcome his hard-drinking past. Though he hasn’t identified his wife-to-be publicly, he praised her at length for her support on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show” on June 13. “I am responsible now. It was to a really rough point, and I couldn’t get up off the floor for weeks,” said Post, 26. “I just have super beautiful people around me, and I met a really beautiful person that made me feel like a human being again,” he continued. “It’s the guidance out of the dark into the light … She saved my f****** life — it’s pretty epic.” Post added that at one point, his friend and fellow pop star Justin Bieber was providing “guidance,” but said he ultimately has to find the drive to be responsible within himself. “People can look at you from the outside and see that something’s wrong, and you can be trapped in your own … world,” he explained, saying that the binge-drinking came from not being “happy with who I was.” That’s changed for the better. “Now I just want to be better every f****** day. All we can do is just don’t be a d*******,” he half-joked. “That’s the golden rule.” Post and his fiancee welcomed their first child in May.

Beyonce’s gorgeous British Vogue cover teases ‘an abundance’ of new music ahead of seventh studio album

Beyonce Is Poised For Her Next Evolution,” British Vogue proclaims of its July cover star, who reveals a slew of new music is on the way for the first time since “Lemonade.” Bey’s preparing to release a new studio album, “Renaissance,” her first solo album in six years — and according to Vogue editor Edward Enninful, that’s only the start of what he describes as “a thrilling abundance” of new work that draws inspiration from “America’s musical soundscape of the late 20th century,” along with “a little mystery.” Both that cultural period and that mystery are at work in the gorgeous opulence of Bey’s fashion spread for Vogue, which sees the mother of three perched atop a massive disco ball in similarly massive platforms one moment and looking appropriately regal while sitting on a horse on a dance floor the next. As Edward reveals in the accompanying essay about the shoot, the pandemic gave Beyonce a chance to spend a luxuriously long amount of time “thinking and rethinking every decision” about her new album, which she unveiled for him at the home she and Jay-Z share, following “a scrumptious dinner of ribs, cream corn, peas and mashed potatoes.”Those of us who didn’t get to nosh on ribs with Bey, Jay, Blue, Rumi and Sir will have to wait to hear “Renaissance” until it’s out on July 29.

BTS not actually going on hiatus, management says, citing translation error

BTS fans were left more than a little confused this week after the K-pop superstars’ entertainment company, HYBE, followed up the band’s hiatus announcement video with a statement saying BTS is not, in fact, breaking up or going on hiatus. In video from the boy band’s streamed, annual Real Bangtan dinner celebration on June 14, members of the seven-man group said (via subtitles) they’d decided to take a temporary “hiatus” to pursue solo projects, a few of which they discussed in detail. The dinner also featured lots of conversation about what’s next for each singer and why they need a change. As RM put it (per Seventeen), “The problem with K-pop and the whole idol system is that they don’t give you time to mature. You have to keep producing music and keep doing something.” The next day, amid no small amount of fan outcry on social media — and a massive stock plummet for HYBE — HYBE announced that the subtitles in the streamed video had been translated wrong. “BTS are not taking a hiatus,” HYBE said in a statement. “Members will be focusing more on solo projects at this time.” According to Billboard, the clarification came after “HYBE stock dropped 28 percent in South Korea following … [the BTS] dinner party video, causing the company to lose $1.7 billion in market value.” A rep for the group told the New York Post BTS members will simply be taking “time to explore some solo projects” while remaining “active in various different formats” as a group. Their web series Run BTS is reportedly among the collabs that will continue.

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