Britney Spears moves to protect her privacy after conservatorship

As Britney Spears begins navigating away from the conservatorship she was under for 13 years until Nov. 12, she and her former personal conservator want her dad to stay out of her affairs. In documents filed ahead of last week’s hearing, where the conservatorship was finally dissolved, Jodi Montgomery shared a “termination plan” with the judge and Britney’s lawyer, noting that Jamie should not have access to it, according to TMZ. In addition to detailing support system guidelines for the singer, the plan features sensitive info about her finances, her medical history and her children. Per Britney, none of those details should be revealed to Jamie, Jodi writes. “From the history of this case, it is no secret that Ms. Spears has had a contentious relationship with her family, especially her father, Mr. Spears,” Jodi says in the filing. “It is clear that Ms. Spears does not want her medical or other privacy rights invaded by her father or any other party in this conservatorship case.” Britney, meanwhile, has been in celebration mode. “What an amazing weekend … I felt like I was on cloud 9 the whole time,” she wrote on Instagram on Nov. 15. “I actually got my first glass of champagne 🥂 at the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever seen last night !!!!” She added, “I’m celebrating my freedom and my B day for the next two months!”

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Renee Zellweger, Ant Anstead reportedly planning big step in romance

Things are getting serious for Renée Zellweger and Ant Anstead, who were first linked as a couple in June. According to TMZ, the Oscar-winning actress, 52, is now renting a five-bedroom, $30,000-a-month home “across the way” from her car guru boyfriend in the Laguna Beach section of Los Angeles. Ant, 42, is reportedly slated to renovate his pad for HGTV’s “Property Brothers.” He’s expected to live with Renée at her new place while the renovations are underway — a major relationship milestone, even if it’s temporary. The move could be sooner than later for the pair, too. TMZ reports Renée’s already had “personal belongings … moved into the house.” In the meantime, they’ve been seeing each other regularly in New Orleans, where Renée’s been filming a new NBC series, “The Thing About Pam.” She first met the “Wheeler Dealers” star on the set of his show, “Celebrity IOU: Joyride.” Speaking to “Extra” last month, Ant said the two are “taking things nice and slow.”

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Adele proves she still believes in love with fan’s surprise proposal

Adele’s said her divorce from Simon Konecki and the personal transformation that followed inspired her new album, “30.” That didn’t stop the singer from helping a would-be groom surprise his girlfriend with a proposal and a concert. Among the highlights of the performance portion of her “One Night Only” special on Nov. 14, was a moment where Adele warned her audience at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles not to make a peep, then had fan Quentin Brunson lead his girlfriend of seven years, Ashleigh Mann, out in front of the stage. Wearing noise canceling headphones and a blindfold, Ashleigh sounded hilariously skeptical as she walked where he led her. “What are we doing Quentin?,” she asked. “Am I on grass?” After getting down on one knee, Quentin removed the headphones and told Ashleigh to take off the blindfold. Half laughing, half crying, she looked out at the audience. “Who are these people?!” she asked. “I’m extremely proud of you — and I mean — everyday, you blow my mind,” Quentin said. “There is absolutely nothing that you cannot do and I just know you are going to be an amazing mother to our kids one day …” As tears fell down his face, he continued, “And I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you and will continue to love you forever …” By then, Ashleigh was crying, too. “Thank God you didn’t let me eat, I would have thrown up,” she said. When he finally asked, “Will you marry me?” Ashleigh, also on her knees by that point, said “yeah,” and laughed again as the audience cheered. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey taped for the CBS special, Adele touched on her own marriage, saying she and her ex-husband remain close friends. “He probably saved my life,” she admitted. She later described her current romance with Rich Paul as the first relationship where she’s “loved myself and been open to loving and being loved by someone else.”

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Kristen Stewart reflects on ‘Twilight’-era chemistry with ex, Rob Pattinson

Kristen Stewart recently revealed she got engaged to her girlfriend, Dylan Meyer. Long before Dylan was in her life, however, K. Stew and her “Twilight” costar, Robert Pattinson were one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, both onscreen and off. In a new interview with The New Yorker, the “Spencer” star makes a rare comment about Rob, reflecting on the immediate chemistry they shared. Recalling how she was cast first, Kristen explains that the director sent potential Edwards to her home in Los Angeles to read with her “and make out,” since she’d be doing plenty of that with Edward in her role as Bella. “It was so clear who worked,” Kristen said. “I was literally just, like …,” she added, her voice trailing off as she swooned. She said she liked that Rob had an “intellectual approach that was combined with ‘I don’t give a f*** about this, but I’m going to make this sing.’ And I was, like, ‘Ugh, same.‘” Added Kristen: “And, whatever, we were young and stupid and — not to say that we made it so much better, but that’s what it needed — and that’s what anybody playing those parts needed to feel.”

‘Red Notice’ stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot react after setting new Netflix record

“Red Notice” — which stars Dwayne Johnson as an FBI profiler forced to team up with the infamous art thief he’s chasing (Ryan Reynolds) to catch an even more notorious thief (Gal Gadot) –made Netflix history this month, raking in what the streamer called “the biggest opening day” ever for one of its movies. While Netflix doesn’t share viewer numbers with the public, it announced the new record over the weekend, after the action comedy premiered on the platform on Nov. 12, sparking reactions from all three of its A-list stars on Instagram. Ryan used the big news as an opportunity to tease his pal, Taylor Swift on Nov. 14 (just one day before Taylor released a new video co-written and directed by Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively). “WOW #RedNotice is @Netflix biggest ever opening day for a film. Congrats to this whole team! Can’t wait for Red Notice (Taylor’s version),” he joked. Dwayne, meanwhile, said he was “still processing this historic industry news,” particularly since “Red Notice” marked the first time his Seven Bucks Productions company made a movie for a streaming platform. “RED NOTICE shattered opening day records for NETFLIX around the world. With an outstanding 92% AUDIENCE SCORE!!” he wrote on the ‘Gram, adding a “THANK YOU” to fans who checked out the film. Gal chimed in as well, posting, “This is amazing!!!! What can I say, you guys are the best and the reason why we make these films. So grateful and excited!!! Congratulations @Netflix and to the entire #RedNotice team.”

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