The guys from BTS are opening up in a new interview, in which they talked about their new single “Dynamite,” plans for a new album, and how they felt when they had to cancel tour dates.

The music video for “Dynamite” is out now and they opened up about the inspiration during the interview with Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Music.

“So of course this concept itself gives off a 70-80s vibe, and it’s very fun for people to watch,” they said.

The K-Pop group’s next album is going to be released THIS YEAR.

“We’re really in the middle of the process, getting tracks, writing lyrics and recording some raps and vocals. So, you know, it’s going to be… One thing that is sure is that we go to release in this year, so it’s not going to be so late. You won’t be disappointed. Yep, coming out of this year. We’re doing our best as always so we can bring better results. We participated more this time around. A lot of our members participated in the production process so you can really look forward to it,” they said.

BTS had to cancel tour dates this year due to the pandemic and they talked about what that was like for them.

“Of course it was heartbreaking, since we usually only get to meet our overseas fans through tours,” the said about the canceled dates. “But we try to keep things positive, and try to be thankful that we got more time to prepare our album and return with ‘Dynamite.’ We’re trying to look at everything in a more positive light. We’re working on our music and that is one of our ways of healing. The process also comes as an inspiration for us, and we’re trying our best to bring better results by adjusting to these times. We also have more time for our hobbies. And again, we’re trying not to stay depressed and bring more energy to our daily lives.”

Listen below!

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