This story is about a week old, but I only just saw it. It feels like it got purposefully buried? I say that because it’s an extremely obvious piece of pro-Prince William propaganda, so much so that I think Kensington Palace just wrote out some talking points for Camilla Tominey. Tominey wrote a piece for the Telegraph (via the Daily Mail, for this post) in which she posits the hilarious theory that William, after years of being vaguely keen and extraordinarily enraged, is now “The People’s Prince.” Kensington Palace desperately hopes to echo Tony Blair’s designation of Princess Diana as the People’s Princess, only this is William, the one with the charisma of a dead fish. But wait, there’s more! William is the People’s Prince because… Harry’s not around anymore. They always tell on themselves, don’t they?

Tominey says ‘A Planet for Us All’ showed William at his best: He showed ‘self-deprecating and candid’ side that many have never seen before, according to royal expert Camilla Tominey. Despite the tumultuous past two years, which saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit as senior members of the Royal Family, she claimed the programme depicted a prince ‘at peace with himself’ and saw him keep his sense of humour while being bombarded with questions about his family.

Not petulant anymore: She remarked: ‘William’s calm and thoughtful demeanour could not have been more at odds with historical reports of the “hot-headed” Prince’s “petulance”.’ Ms Tominey pointed out that the Anfield school visit was a royal engagement many may have thought would once have been ‘better suited to fun-loving Prince Harry’.

The People’s Prince: ‘Surrounded by primary schoolchildren with worms in their hands, the visit to All Saints Catholic Primary School in Liverpool was full of potential pitfalls. Yet as the touching exchanges between the future king and these inner-city children revealed during Monday’s TV documentary on the environment, it is William – not Harry, who is taking on the role of the “People’s Prince”.’

Quoting Ingrid Seward: ‘William has always had this ability to connect with people,’ she added. ‘I remember from some of his earliest engagements how much he reminded me of Diana. He’s very natural and not at all fake. He’s always had it but I think perhaps he was overshadowed by Harry. Now he’s no longer on the scene, we are reminded that William has the same qualities in spades.’

Kate the Calming Energy: Ms Tominey observed that those close to the Cambridges have credited Kate and the Middleton family with helping ‘pull back’ and calm ‘fiery’ William over the years. She added that his documentary’s success is also a testament to the team around him who have helped him to realise his ambitions, namely his former private secretary Simon Case, who was recently appointed Cabinet Secretary by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

William isn’t preaching: Ms Tominey pointed out that the Duke’s style of campaigning is ‘markedly different’ to Harry and Meghan Markle’s videos addressing racism and politics. ‘Those closest to him insist that the last thing he wants to be is a “preaching Prince”,’ she said. adding that the insider insists William has ‘no interest in telling people how to live their lives’ and is ‘realistic’.

[From The Daily Mail]

See what I mean about KP writing out the talking points and quotes? This is just William’s embiggening fluff. Of course William is more relaxed right now – he got exactly what he wanted, he successfully bullied Harry and Meghan out of the country so that he could have all of the attention and the adulation. It’s not that William is more charismatic than Harry, it’s that Will made sure he was the only one “left.” Anyway, all of this to say, Harry inherited all of his mother’s best and worst qualities and that’s what has made him the man he is today – he wears his heart on his sleeve, he makes mistakes, he loves fiercely, he’s emotional and passionate. I would take that every day over William’s controlling, jealous, petty, rageaholic bulls–t.

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