Russell Brand denies Dispatches documentary claims

Former Loose Women host Carol McGiffin could be seen liking a number of pro-Russell Brand tweets after he was accused of rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse by four women in a bombshell exposé by The Sunday Times and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

The incidents are alleged to have happened at the height of his fame between 2006 and 2013. The comedian, 48, has strenuously denied all allegations, describing them as “aggressive attacks” and saying all his relationships were “consensual”.

After the investigation was made public on Saturday, Carol’s account liked a tweet from political commentator Tucker Carlson, which said: “Criticize the drug companies, question the war in Ukraine, and you can be pretty sure this is going to happen.” (sic)

The 63-year-old also liked another tweet from GB News presenter Bev Turner, which read: “You are being attacked @rustyrockets. Establishment media don’t know what to do with the fact that you have 6million subscribers & generate autonomous, knowing and original content.

“You are welcome on my @GBNEWS show anytime. We are mainstream media. But we are not Establishment media. There’s a difference. Keep going. This proves you are winning. You’re a hero.”

She then liked a tweet from internet personality Avi Yemini, saying: “Never trust women who break their silence to the media instead of the Police, accusing men of rape.

“Russell Brand is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. And I bet that’s never going to happen so they’re trying to prosecute his case in the court of public opinion.”

The activity on Carol’s account was soon picked up by other users who took to the platform to criticise her. One user said: “Someone tell Carol McGiffin she can hide her likes if she buys a blue tick.”

Another wrote: “Grim. She was always a rotten one but disappointing nevertheless.”

During her time on Loose Women, Carol had previously described Russell as her “dream man” and even shared a kiss with him when he made a surprise appearance on the show in 2008.

During the episode, Carol had joked that she would pay him to sleep with her after he took a vow of celibacy.

Carol told the My Booky Wook author: “Have you still given up then? Because I was a bit upset about that because I thought, ‘Oh, he’s given up and I haven’t had my turn yet’.”

Russell then retorted: “I’m not a ride at Alton Towers…I’m not obligated to have sex with everyone on earth.”

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