Cash-strapped RTÉ wants up to €78,500 for 'Late Late Toy Show' advert package

Companies will pay €78,500 for the first spot in the TV advertising break on this year’s lucrative ‘Late Late Toy Show’ as well as being featured on the RTÉ Player.

RTÉ’s seasonal special is worth at least €258,000 in advertising revenue to the cash-strapped station.

As one of the biggest revenue spinners, it attracts an average audience of more than 1.55 million, which makes up a 72pc share of the available audience.

Traditionally the most-watched programme of the year, some 88pc of Irish children tuned in last year to see Ryan Tubridy donning his festive jumper as he approaches his 11th year presenting it.

This year sees RTÉ Sales offering a ‘platinum package’ for €78,500, which gives companies the first spot in the first TV ad break while also being featured on the RTÉ Player with an estimated 150,000 streams. Last year, its platinum package was available for just €55,000, with companies paying extra to be featured on its digital platform.

However, a spokesperson for RTÉ said that the package hasn’t increased from the 2018 figure as its sales department has instead bundled its TV advertising together with digital for this year’s package.

“It’s the number one programme for RTÉ and it’s one of those programmes where the whole family sit down together to watch it every year,” she said.

A ‘gold package’ is currently available for €59,500, which offers advertisers the first spot in the second break on TV and online. A ‘premium package’ is available for €57,000, which gives companies a spot in the third break.

When it comes to the coveted ‘one for everyone in the audience’ prize giveaway, RTÉ charges a media fee of €10,000.

The prize sponsor must also provide 230 prizes at a value of €150 each for the lucky audience members, costing it the value of €34,500 in products.

There is also one digital platinum package available for €23,625 which will allow a company’s product to feature heavily on the RTÉ Player.

However, all of the toys and books featured during the show are chosen by the editorial team based on what items are deemed to be the most in-demand that season.

The programme is planned months in advance, and Tubridy recently told his listeners that the 2019 show will air at the end of November.

“On the 29th of November, the last Friday in November, Toy Show 2019, that’s it. Save the date,” he said.

“If you’re invited to a wedding, tell them you can’t go.”

RTÉ has already put out a casting call for star-struck youngsters to perform on the show. Producers will be travelling across the country over the coming weeks to find the stars of this year’s ‘Toy Show’ and children can also apply for an audition online. The closing date is September 27.

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