I’ve included this picture of Michelle Pfeiffer not to tease you into the false hope that Hollywood has made a good decision by casting her again as Catwoman. I chose it because it’s a great way to remind Hollywood that they can’t do any better for Catwoman, but bless their hearts for continuing to try (sorry, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway). According to Collider, Catwoman’s next big screen appearance will be alongside The Penguin in The Batman.

Hot on the heels of the rumor that Batman will be played by Robert Pattinson, Collider reports that The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision newsletter published more info. They claim The Batman’s main villains will be Catwoman and The Penguin. Again, it’s already been done, but rehashing stuff from the 90s is still pretty popular, so why not? There’s also a rumor that The Riddler might show up. Tommy Lee Jones just got chills and had to escape away to his happy place.

According to sources, The Batman’s Matt Reeves won’t make any casting decisions until Robert Pattinson (or whoever) officially signs on to the film. But Collider has been speculating about who we might see cast. They point out that Josh Gad, aka that annoying snowman from Frozen, clearly wants the job.

Collider also seems to think that Jonah Hill or Melissa McCarthy, in a gender-flipped choice, could make a good Penguin. As for Catwoman, Collider threw out Saoirse Ronan and Mackenzie Davis’ names. They don’t think they will be cast, mind you – it’s just who they think would do a good job. So since we don’t have any real casting rumors yet, I’d like to also throw out a name, and that name is (drum roll not needed) Kristen Stewart! Sure, it would put the capital S in stunt casting, but let’s not act like Hollywood is above that. Forget Batgirl, this makes more sense. A moody, emo Batman deserves an equally moody, emo villain. And Kristen Stewart would make a great Catwoman. Aloof, stand-offish, unfriendly. Okay, maybe she’d actually just make a better cat.

Pic: Warner Bros.

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