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Returning to social media as a brand ambassador for the supplement brand Feel, Cheryl fired shots at her crew by jokingly calling out the noise they were making.

Taking part in a Q&A session, Cheryl was asked in a mystery box challenge what her pet peeves were.

But just as the question comes up, a bang is heard in the background of the shoot, giving Cheryl the perfect opportunity to take a swipe at her team.

Speaking over the noise she says: “Banging when you’re filming!

“Honestly, can you hear that? That’s what’s really happening”.

She smiled at the camera before digging in to the mystery box for more questions.

Later, she was asked what her coffee order was, with Cheryl beginning to share her answer, saying: "I have a nice coffee machine at home but I actually like mine now with honey instead of sugar and lactose-free cream."

As she shared her answer, another noise could be heard interrupting her, leading her to finish with: "And a lot of noise in the background while I'm making it in the morning!"

Most of the questions from the Q&A went off without issue, as Cheryl revealed she likes smoothies over juice and would pick eight hour cream as her desert island beauty product, adding a quick “and Feel supplements” after.

When asked if she preferred Britney Spears or Beyonce Knowles she was quick to respond: “Aah no, that's a trick, that's a trap. We don't do those questions here!”.

A source speaking to Heat World has said that Cheryl is hoping to break back into the public eye with a high profile TV job and become the “Nation’s sweetheart” once more.

The source said: “Cheryl loves being back in the spotlight, and it’s made her realise she wants more than this.

“Working with Feel has been great, and it’s a product she feels strongly about as it has worked wonders for her.

"But she’s ready to branch out into doing more.

"She’d love a high-profile TV job, and feels this is a chance to retake her crown as the nation’s sweetheart and recapture the huge success she had when she first joined The X Factor."

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