A few weeks ago, Chris Evans posted a very cute video, which consisted of clips of him and his girlfriend “jump-scaring” each other across 2022. It was like their summary of their year. People hated it! I enjoyed it. I know Chris is not for me and I wish him well. If that means his 41-year-old ass is happy with a 25-year-old, so be it. Besides, I just saw Alba Baptista in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and she was very cute in that. Why not? They make a nice couple and she’s an adult. Anyway, Alba and Chris have been together since 2021? And they’re going strong. Sources told Us Weekly that they’re “getting serious.”

Taking it to the next level! Chris Evans and Alba Baptista confirmed their romance via social media earlier this month — and their love story is just getting started.

“Chris and Alba have gotten serious,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “This is the most committed anyone can remember him being in a very long time, if not ever.”

The insider added: “They spend most of their time at his place in Massachusetts and love the quiet life there, surrounded by nature and away from the spotlight. Chris was very open that he wanted to take his time before settling down.”

[From Us Weekly]

We also look at these famous “bachelors” in their 40s and 50s and say “they’ll never get serious, they’ll never really settle down.” And then some of them do. John Stamos, George Clooney, Warren Beatty, Hugh Grant, all of them got married later in their lives after decades of being seen as eligible and sought-after bachelors. I assume Chris will be the same, especially because he’s never really seemed to relish the “bachelor” brand. Like, Chris’s brand is “the guy who really wants to settle down and start a family, he just can’t find the right girl.” Is Alba the “right girl”? I don’t know. But I enjoy watching the Evans stans argue about her!

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