Christine McGuinness on hereditary autism in her family

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Still to this day I can remember that absolutely awful pit-of-your-stomach feeling

Christine McGuinness

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star thought he’d simply been overworked while creating new episodes of his comedy series The Keith and Paddy Picture Show, and so urged him to stay in London to recuperate with her blessing. 

Unfortunately, she then began to worry as she woke up at home alone in Cheshire one morning to find photos of him plastered all over social media with another woman. 

“Patrick was… due to come back,” she recalled, “but [had rung] me to tell me he was exhausted.” 


“I knew he was ­struggling with life at home, the sleepless nights, the children being non-verbal and barely eating. 

“So, with my encouragement, he stopped in London for the weekend.”


That very Sunday morning, she woke and reached for her phone to find “pictures and videos of my husband and another woman out in London -and they were everywhere”.


I felt physically sick [and] ran to the toilet to vomit,” she lamented in extracts of her new book obtained by The Mirror. 


“Still to this day I can remember that absolutely awful pit-of-your-stomach feeling.”

Though the loyal model and TV star recalled that she “knew from the beginning I’d never leave him”, she had to vent her feelings immediately. 


She took to Twitter to post the cryptic message: “When you realise you deserve so much more… that’s not a bad thing.” 


Though Christine said she had “never been the jealous type,” the images had left her “absolutely devastated”. 


The star went on to say some friends had urged her to “leave him” at the time. 

Christine, who has recently been diagnosed with autism, like her children, coped with her feelings by withdrawing from talking about them. 


However, the technique worked for her as the pair “just got on with married life”. 


“I’m glad we did,” she added, “because his bond with the children is so much better than it ever was then.


“There are times when things are ­difficult and we can’t stand each other, but the majority of the time, we laugh and joke and we’re getting on with life as a little team.”


Christine McGuinness’s book, A Beautiful Nightmare, is released on November 25. £20 available to buy here.

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