Comedian Brad Williams Considers New Drug for Dwarfism for His Daughter

Brad Williams says he wouldn’t trade his life and take a drug that could make him taller, but he understands why others would, and adds … he and his wife are considering it for their daughter.

We got the comedian at a Starbucks in L.A. Wednesday and got his take on the controversial new drug, Vosoritide, which has been shown to restore nearly average bone growth rates of children with achondroplasia … the most common form of dwarfism, which Brad has.

Brad lays out the potentially significant impact of the drug and how it can improve the lives of kids with dwarfism, but on the flip side … he’s well aware giving it to a child creates an ethical conundrum.

He even gives us a personal example demonstrating how difficult this decision might be for little people … and that sets up his larger point. Brad says no matter what a person thinks about the drug … it should be left up to those actually affected by dwarfism to make the call.

As for Brad’s 9-month-old little girl … he shared a video a while back showing off one of her special attributes due to her dwarfism.

No debate about this — she’s adorable.

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