They may have finished in third place during the Love Island final, but a body language expert says Indiyah Polack and Dami Hope have genuine feelings toward one another and want to have their “relationship to themselves”.

Body language expert and celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman says the couple, who made it official during their final date on the show, feel “safe” and “comforted” by one another.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, Inbaal tells us: “Even though they are genuinely fond of one another, both of them seem to want the series to be over so that they can have their relationship to themselves, and away from prying eyes.”

Meanwhile, Inbaal says that the way Dami played with the beading on Indiyah’s dress during the live final shows that he is “comforted” by her.

“During their joint interview, Dami reaches for Indiyah, his arm around her, and then he absent-mindedly plays with the beading on her dress.

“This is such an adorable way to touch her, it shows that he feels comforted by having her near him, and that he doesn't have to plan, or decide, or think about touching her, he just wants to have his hands on her all the time because this is what's natural for him.”

She continues: “Dami is looking down for a lot of the interview, which makes a refreshing change, because it's so genuine.

“A lot of the islanders are aware of the cameras and like to pose and pull adorable expressions.

Not Dami, he won't change who he is for a camera or an interview or a pay cheque. He's proud of living his truth.”

She adds that Indiyah feels “safe” with Dami and shows this with her body language. “Indiyah shows that she feels safe with his honesty, by sitting relaxed in the nest that his arms are making.”

And the pair further proved just how good things are between them on the show when Indiyah claimed that Dami is “ready to be a dad” in their first joint interview since leaving the villa.

After seeing how well her boyfriend did during this year’s baby challenge, Indiyah said: “I feel like Dami is maybe ready to be a dad. He’s actually a perfect dad. Seeing Dami with Baby Sienna was really cute."

She continued: "Kids, definitely in the future and it was nice to see Dami being hands on. I know in the future, he’ll be a great dad.”

Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and body language expert,


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