Danniella Westbrook on her intentions to go grey in September

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Danniella Westbrook, 48, is preparing to have  £500k worth of facial surgery done on the NHS in a bid to improve her health. The EastEnders star revealed her doctors’ plans to perform reconstructive surgery on her face.

Due to her previous battles with alcohol and drug addiction, Danniella has suffered from a collapsed septum.

Thanks to her upcoming operation, Danniella said she will be able to “survive”, as her current health issues “hamper” her lifestyle.

She said: “”Plastic surgeons wanted £500,000 to change my face, so I thought I was never going to get it done. It was only because I went into intensive care before Christmas.

“I couldn’t breathe because I had a cold. There was a build up of fluid and after I fell asleep I couldn’t wake up properly and ended up in ICU.

“That’s why I’m doing this. I need this surgery to survive.

“It’s not for vanity, this is about my health. It hampers my lifestyle on a day to day basis,” Danniella added.

The TV star also explained to The Sun that she went to Aintree Hospital in Liverpool and that she received the “best care in the country” there.

Danniella had previously teased her plans to undergo surgery in order to be “fighting fit” ahead of her 50th birthday.

She detailed plans to have a physical “transformation” before celebrating the milestone next year.

Danniella made the admission in view of her 91,000 Instagram followers back in January.

She shared a throwback picture of herself smiling at an event in full glam make-up and a sequined dress.

In the caption, Danniella, who recently got engaged to her secret boyfriend, who is currently in prison, penned: “Can’t wait for all my surgery to be done …

“Will be back to my best and fighting fit and next year I will be 50!

“Bring it on… I’m ready… More than ready. I’m ready for a full transformation physically.”

The Sam Mitchell actress continued: “I’ve spent a lot of time alone the last six months.

“I’ve been working on myself and my spiritual side has already begun evolving.

“I’ve cut the deadbeats and energy draining people out of my life.

“And I am ready to get busy living… And busy working.

“I have a feeling it’s all going to work out just fine.” (sic)

Danniella added the hashtags: “#getbusyliving #gratitude and #letsgetmarriedagain.”

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