It was a case of “take your daughter to work" day for David Beckham as little Harper joined him on set for the filming of an advert.

With his estuary accent and love of pie ‘n’ mash, the England football icon, 44, was the perfect choice for the Londoner Macao brand of hotels which celebrates everything quintessentially London.

Suited and booted for the occasion, he and eight-year-old Harper, in a smart denim dress, enjoyed petting a British bulldog alongside its ‘owner’ dressed in a Union Jack suit.

The Londoner Macao collaboration with David Beckham will see the former footballer working with their interior design team to bring his vision and style to the very exclusive top floor suites at The Londoner Hotel.

And of he’s stuck for design ideas he can always ask the missus!

Speaking of Victoria, the fashion designer has revealed her rather bizarre trick to keep her skin looking young.

As she prepares to launch her own cosmetic company, Vic shared her unusual beauty tip, shocking some of her fans.

The 45-year-old mum revealed that she believes the key to flawless, glowing skin is getting the right amounts of fat.

So with this in mind, Victoria says she now eats between three and four avocados every single day.

Victoria insisted that the fruit helps her on the way to a luminescent complexion and told the Daily Telegraph: "It's not just about looking younger."

Calorie-packed avocados, stereotypically a favourite of millennials and loved by the Duchess of Sussex, are rich in vitamins, fibre and healthy mono-unsaturated fats.

They also contain virtually no sugar.

It's not the first time Victoria has dished out some unusual beauty secrets.

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