Demi Jones says ‘pain is so much worse this time’ after second cancer surgery

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Love Island's Demi Jones has told fans that the second operation to remove her cancer was "much more painful" than the first.

In an Instagram Story clip shared from a hospital bed on Monday, the 22-year-old explained that it took nurses a long time to wake her from the operation, which saw her entire thyroid removed.

She wrote: "I've just woken up. Pain is so much worse this time. I've been asleep for hours, nurses struggled to wake me up."

"Thank you for everyone's kind messages," the reality star added as she displayed the bandage on her neck.

Demi found out she had papillary thyroid cancer after having a lump removed from her neck at the end of April.

Hours ahead of her second surgery, Demi said: "Just waiting to head into surgery now to have my full thyroidectomy to remove any more cancer on the gland.

"Feeling a bit anxious today, as I've got to be in for a few days, but I am a tough cookie. See you on the other side."

Demi recently admitted she regrets announcing her cancer diagnosis online before telling her family.

Expressing her upset week after doing so, Demi told Zeze Millz: "When I first found out it could be cancerous, I was in shock and I was crying because I went on social media, and I shouldn't have done that because I hadn't even told my family yet.

"I don't even know why, I can't even tell you because my head was scrambled, and I was like 'Oh my God, guys!'"

Demi's cancer diagnosis came after months of concerns over her health, but the pandemic meant she had six medical appointments cancelled in seven months.

When she did get an ultrasound scan, she was initially told there was nothing wrong – but Demi pushed for more tests after a similar situation happened to her dad.

Explaining her exact diagnosis, papillary thyroid cancer, Demi said: "I had a lump in my neck that was actually a tumour. I was living all these years with a tumour in my neck, which was scary.

"They removed that side of the thyroid, and now I need more surgery to move the rest of the thyroid, then go for some iodine cancer treatment and some hormone tablets to keep my hormones regulated."

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