Dinah Jane is playing favorites with the music from her Fifth Harmony days!

The 26-year-old “Bottled Up” pop star is fresh off the release of her new solo single “Ya Ya” and a collaboration with JKING called “Falling In Love.”

In a recent interview, she looked back on her days in the world renowned girl group. Dinah spilled on how the experience prepared her for a solo career. She also revealed her favorite songs in the group’s discography.

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Speaking to PopCrave, Dinah revealed her biggest takeaways from Fifth Harmony.

“For this new era, I would say it’s just being unapologetically yourself,” she reflected. “Also, we came from a pretty ethnic group, so just embracing where you come from and not shying away from it. That’s something I had to learn to really tap into this era.”

She continued, saying, “I remember us being there for each other, and just loving each other’s culture of where we come from, and embracing that. Me being the only Polynesian girl or island girl in the group, I still have in the back of my head when they would all be so proud of where I came from.”

Dinah added that she learned about blending “being unapologetically yourself and being fierce.”

“Being fierce but kind,” she clarified. “Just having that balance of being very dominant with what you create and being confident. Be very confident with what you create and not backing down from it, and creating a space where people understand.”

Does she have any favorite songs from the Fifth Harmony days? Two of them sprang to mind for her. The hitmaker referred to “All In My Head (Flex)” as a “current fave” and noted that it changes over time.

“I will say ‘Reflection’ is like a classic,” she added. “Like, I’ll never let that one go. I just love how clever the lyrics are. I love the vibe to it. To me, it’s timeless, personally. That one is like my ultimate fave up against ‘All in My Head.’”

Dinah recently opened up about not being featured vocally on two of the group’s earliest songs.

Press play on Dinah Jane’s favorite Fifth Harmony tracks below…

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