Disney+ Announces They’re Raising The Subscription Fee In 2021

Disney+ subscribers will soon have to start paying more.

The streaming service announced on Thursday (December 10) that the monthly and annual fees will be going up, just a little bit.

It currently costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 per year to be subscribed to the platform, but starting in March 2021, the monthly cost will go up to $7.99, and the yearly price will go to $79.99. The price for Disney+ in Europe will also go up €2 a month to €8.

This change in subscription fees is quite likely due to the enormous amount of new content they just announced on 2020 The Walt Disney Company Investor Day. Check out a recap on Just Jared!

Disney revealed many new Marvel and Star Wars series coming to Disney+, as well as a lot of movies being added to each franchise, among many other announcements, which includes some TV show shows based off of a couple of Disney princesses.

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