Donald Trump Could Be Discharged Monday, Health Questions Linger

Donald Trump is doing well enough that he can be discharged as early as Monday, but the latest update from doctors raises new concerns about Trump’s health and whether his doctors are being straight with the American public.

Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Sean Conley, fessed up that he was evasive Saturday when he wouldn’t say if Trump received supplemental oxygen at The White House before being transferred to Walter Reed. This time, Dr. Conley said Trump not only received oxygen Friday at The White House but a second round Saturday. In both instances, Trump’s oxygen level dropped below 94%.

And there’s this … Dr. Conley confessed he wasn’t forthcoming Saturday because he wanted to reflect Trump’s “upbeat mood.”  As for whether he hid information, Dr. Conley said that “isn’t necessarily true.”

Dr. Conley actually said Trump’s Chief of Staff “misconstrued” Trump’s condition when he said Trump’s condition was deteriorating Friday at The White House. Yet, Dr. Conley concedes Trump was tired with a fever, a cough and low oxygen levels.

A reporter asked Dr. Conley if Trump’s lungs were damaged and he would not answer directly. Nor would Dr. Conley say if there was evidence of pneumonia.

Trump’s being pumped full of drugs and doctors say he’s responding well.

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