Donald Trump has found himself on the outs with Forbes — at least as it pertains to its richest Americans list — ’cause he’s fallen off the top 400 club … again.

Here’s the deal … DT was first removed from the coveted baller group in 2021 — amid a rocky exit from the White House — but he got back in just last year, clocking No. 343 with a then-estimated net worth of $3.2 billion … following real estate sales and other ventures.

donald trump

Now in 2023, he has once more fallen off the 400 list with a current estimated net worth of $2.6 billion. You’d think all the indictments against him — not to mention a civil trial that’s taken a hard look at his wealth/property values — would be to blame … but not necessarily.

According to Forbes, his dip in riches is actually more attributed to a bad investment in Truth Social — which the outlet notes has mostly failed to take off and attract a consistent user base — as well as some of his office buildings depreciating on the market.

Trump’s commercial real estate portfolio has apparently taken a major hit amid remote work and some cities seeing a trend of residents fleeing — like SF, where he holds some assets.

In other words, it’s just the regular economy that seems to have dinged him here … and not so much the mounting legal bills. Another interesting nugget from this report — Forbes pegs DT’s liquid wealth to be in the ballpark of about $426 million, so he’s far from broke.

Donald Trump Living Large

Still, considering how obsessed Trump has proven to be with status over the years — ya gotta figure he’s peeved to have been excluded again. Better luck in 2024, we suppose? 😅

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