Don’t you just love it when two celebrities unintentionally (or even intentionally, see: Paris Hilton and her dog at Coachella) match. Whether it be through fashion, hair, or even makeup choices, when two major stars sport the same look, it often means that said style is trending. Hailey Bieber and Emily Ratajkowski proved that that to be true in late March.

Of course, unlike Emily and Hailey, in this twinning case, the two are sisters. And those sisters are Dua and Rina Lipa. Less than 24-hours ago, Dua, the elder of the two, shared a series of Instagram posts with friends enjoying “colin the caterpillar & caviar”. Standard Wednesday night, right?

But the one picture that stood out to us was the eighth snap alongside her younger sister, Rina. The two are rocking this summer’s biggest hair trend: baby braids and loose waves. And from a quick scroll down the singer’s IG feed, we can actually see that she has been wearing her hair a lot like this recently. So, I guess it’s safe to say that the trend is well underway, even pre-England sun. Let’s hope it sees us all through ’til festival szn!

Although there may be a six(ish) age gap between the two, you have to admit, they do look pretty similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me it was actually Rina on stage at the O2 belting ‘One Kiss’ on Monday night.

I also can’t lie. If I’m going to preach our Cosmo transparency policy (no really, we like to keep it real), these two even inspired my baby braids hairstyle this morning. I guess you could just call me Lia Lipa. Or even Dua Lia. Just praying the two take me in as their third sis…

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