Duchess Meghan has gone into labor, she was a week overdue

I know that the Duchess of Sussex really doesn’t have control over when she goes into labor and all that, but I’d still like to thank her for not giving birth in the middle of Game of Thrones. She did all of us a solid, even though I feel like “Missandei” is definitely on the Sussex baby name list now. Come on, Missandei Sussex sounds awesome. According to the Daily Mail’s update on the situation yesterday, Meghan was feeling “incredibly relaxed and positive” about everything, even though she was a week overdue.

I’ll admit that I already had a post written about Meghan being positive and how we were still playing the waiting game, but it looks like Meghan has just gone into labor, right now. British journalists are confirming it! She went into labor in the early hours this morning. It’s the afternoon already in Britain though…

Basically, we’ll be hearing about little Missandei Sussex today.

— Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) May 6, 2019

— Emily Andrews (@byEmilyAndrews) May 6, 2019

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) May 6, 2019

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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