Elliot Page Had Breasts Surgically Removed, Says it's Life-Changing

Elliot Page has revealed he’s undergone surgery to remove his breasts, and says it’s changed his life for the better … as he now feels like his true self.

The actor — who recently came out as a trans man — is featured on the new cover of TIME Magazine, which does a deep dive into his transition and what he’s been up to since breaking the news in December.

As it turns out, Elliot says he had top surgery … a procedure to remove breast tissue and reconstruct the remaining chest tissue and skin. He was actually recovering from the surgery in Toronto when he first came out on Instagram.

Elliot describes the change as something that felt right for him — but not something that’s necessary (or affordable) for everyone … emphasizing that being trans is NOT all about surgery by any stretch of the imagination, despite media characterizations of the trans experience or trans bodies.

Still, he says he actually feels like himself now when he looks in the mirror, and more energized than ever, adding … “It has completely transformed my life.”

Of course, there are also new photos of him in the just-released issue … and he’s got a whole new look. Elliot also dropped this interesting nugget — he says he’s excited to get into acting again “now that I’m fully who I am, in this body.” Give it a full read here … it’s interesting.

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