Eliza Reign takes to her Instagram account to share a picture of Reign Wilburn, whom she allegedly shares with the Atlanta rapper, wrapped in a pink blanket as she sleeps.

AceShowbiz -Eliza Reign, who claimed to be pregnant with Future‘s baby, has recently given birth to a healthy baby girl. Now, the social media star has taken to her Instagram account to share the first look at her little bundle of joy in addition to revealing her full name.

The picture, which was shared on the photo-sharing platform on Tuesday, May 7, saw the baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket as she slept on a bed made of white fur. Eliza added a flower crown on the little one’s head for extra cuteness and put some flowers near the bed. Adding a tag on one of the pictures, she revealed that she named her baby Reign Wilburn.

Fans might have noticed that Wilburn is Future’s last name. Thus, her giving the little girl the rapper’s family name means that she is certain that she shares Reign with him whether or not he wants to acknowledge it.

Eliza’s pregnancy caused a little bit controversy when she revealed that Future threatened her life if she didn’t abort the then-unborn baby. Despite the threat, she decided to keep the baby and gave birth to Reign a few weeks ago.

Announcing the happy news with her Instagram followers, Eliza wrote a lengthy message, “This pregnancy was absolutely the toughest, most humbling, yet beautiful experience of my life. I went through hell and back. Health complications seemingly from day one. Lost friends, money, opportunities and even some of the little bit of sanity I thought I had.”

Recalling the tough times during her pregnancy, she eventually concluded the post, “From the moment I decided to keep her, I promised myself and God that I’d show her unconditional love and teach her to be 3x the woman I am. And that’s a promise that will never be broken. I’m super excited and blessed to get a chance to love and guide this little one. I can’t stop crying tears of joy when I look at her. Thank God we made it.”

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