Gemma Arterton Reveals She Still Receives Criticism for Playing a ‘Bond Girl,’ Explains Why She Took 2008 Role

Gemma Arterton is speaking out about her role as a “Bond Girl” in 2008′s Quantum of Solace alongside Daniel Craig and seems to express some regret about accepting the role as she is now saying there is “so much wrong with Bond women.”

“At the beginning of my career, I was poor as a church mouse and I was happy just to be able to work and earn a living,” Gemma told The Sun. “I still get criticism for accepting Quantum of Solace, but I was 21, I had a student loan, and you, know, it was a Bond film.”

She added, “But as I got older I realized there was so much wrong with Bond women.”

In the film, Bond seduces her character in a hotel room. About the scene, Gemma said, “Strawberry should have just said no, really, and worn flat shoes.”

A few months ago, Gemma told The Telegraph, “I can’t really remember what’s in it or what I did, but I know I wouldn’t choose a role like that now,” she said. “Because she was funny and she was sweet, but she didn’t really have anything to do – or a backstory.”

The next Bond film will be released next year.

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