George Thorogood Shares Story Of Surprise Encounter With Legendary Producer

George Thorogood has shared his surprise encounter with legendary producer David Geffen during a concert in 1981.

The blues rock legend shares the story on a new episode of “Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar,” which airs on AXS TV on June 16 at 8 pm ET.

“I was on this tour that we did in 1981, the 50/50 Tour… tour stop number 54 happened to be playing at the SuperDome with the Neville Brothers and Rolling Stones,” Thorogood recalls.

He continues, “This man comes up to me and he introduces himself. He says, ‘Are you writing any songs?’… I said, ‘Actually, I am. I’m trying to put some stuff together.’ And he said, ‘Well, if they’re anything like ‘Bone,’ you’re gonna do all right’… I said, ‘How do you know about that song?’ Because nobody knew it. And he goes, ‘George, it’s my job to know it. By the way, I’m David Geffen.'”

Thorogood had only played “Bad To The Bone” during soundchecks until then, but it had managed to capture the attention of Geffen.

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