Giovanna Fletcher explains why she's watching I'm a Celeb alone

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I thought a late night was a bad idea

Giovanna Fletcher

Stopping speculation of a rift between them in its tracks, Giovanna took to her Instagram stories to share why she had not been a part of their meet-up.

“Some of the campmates from last year are together watching it, but I’m being very sensible,” she revealed in view of her two million followers of the seemingly boozy reunion.

“I am in rehearsals tomorrow and I have a book event in Manchester,” the Sunday Times bestselling author explained, adding: “So it’s a big week ahead.

“I thought a late night at the start of it was a bad idea – I’m being very grown up in my decision making!”

Instead she opted to watch all the action from her TV screen while scoffing some chocolates, revealing that Tom was out playing a concert with McFly and that she was home alone.

In spite of her quiet evening, she managed to post video footage for her Instagram fans while enjoying the show and commenting on the forthcoming trials.

The former contestant joked that it was going to be “surreal” seeing other people in “my castle” although in reality, she was no doubt relieved to be enjoying a quiet night in, instead of being confronted with the insects and freezing cold temperatures that last year’s series had brought her.

She added that watching the show from a distance was “bringing back all kinds of emotions”, not to mention memories of the “critters” biting and scratching her.

She revealed that she knew three of this year’s contestants – Dame Arlene Phillips, Richard Madeley, plus her close friend Frankie Bridge.

The I’m A Celebrity 2020 winner could barely conceal her excitement as she pictured Frankie plunging into Bushtucker Trials, assuring fans: “She is literally gonna squeal!”

Apologising for momentarily being unable to speak after “shoving chocolate in my mouth” in feverish anticipation of the events ahead, she revealed: “I said from the moment her name was announced that [Frankie] is going to be a screamer – someone who absolutely screams her way through all these Trials.”

However, she added: “I really believe she can dig deep and get it done.

“I love the fact that she’s diving straight in and doing a Trial.”

While watching, she recalled last year’s memories of thinking she would be getting into a helicopter, only to “abseil off a cliff” instead, knowing “that Shane Richie was keeping me safe”.

She also recalled freezing temperatures on the hilltops “feeding into my nerves”.

Meanwhile Vernon Kay posted a photo to his 1.1 million Twitter followers of his more sociable gathering watching the show.

“With the gang and loving @imacelebrity,” he wrote simply, while posing with Ruthie and Victoria.

One reader joked back: “Bet it feels good to be watching instead of there!”

Meanwhile fan Becky Corbett chimed in: “Love that you’re all watching it together x”

While Giovanna had opted for an early night over joining the reunion bash, there was little doubt that she too was feeling the excitement.

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