Guess The Sizzling Celebrity Abs!

Now, WHOSE abs-olutely unreal abs are these?

Almost a year into coronavirus quarantine, we can’t say exercise is our top priority… but clearly this studly Kiwi has kept up with his wellness routine! Seriously, we keep losing count of the number of muscles present in this Instagram post.

This actor may not be a natural ginger, but he’s clearly naturally fit. Can the small town — based on a classic comic — where his television character resides even contain this much brawn? Viewers can still tune in weekly to find out, and this particular thirst trap may win over some new fans!

So, have you guessed which teen dream these abs belong to yet?

The answer is…

KJ Apa!

A post shared by KJ Apa (@kjapa)

Riverdale’s Archie Andrews presented this impressive IG post without caption or comment, but as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words. The 23-year-old must have stepped up his game for the recent time jump on the CW series. (The show flashed forward seven years into the future — in other words: Jughead, we’re not in high school anymore!)

The newly adult Archie is a soldier in the army, so obviously he must keep in pretty good shape. We can trust that Riverdale will continue to include plenty of shirtless shots — but for now, we’ll enjoy this one commercial free!

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