Heartthrob Jake Miller is a Total Fanboy of Jonas Brothers — See What He Said About Working with Nick (Exclusive)

Miller also dished on how fans love to get his lyrics tattooed on their bodies.

Singer Jake Miller may be a heartthrob himself but he’s also a diehard fan of a band full of heartthrobs: the Jonas Brothers.

In an interview with TooFab at iHeartRadio’s Wango Tango pink carpet over the weekend, the 26-year-old Florida native gushed over the boy band and shared his excitement over the group reuniting after six years apart.

When asked who he was most excited to see at the concert, Miller said, "Jonas Brothers, probably. I’ve done a lot of shows with Nick when he was doing his solo career, so I’m excited to see all the brothers reunited."

Although Miller expressed his song of the summer is Nick, Joe and Kevin’s chart-topping single "Sucker," it’s a much older Jonas Brothers song that is his all-time favorite.

"’Year 3000′ for sure," he told TooFab of the 2006 bop. "100 percent. It’s a classic. It’s the best."

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Like the "SOS" singers, Miller has a deep love for his fans and they definitely love him back — some even take their dedication to the next level and get the rapper’s lyrics tattooed on themselves.

"I’ve met so many fans who have told me that my music has like changed their life, saved their life," Miller said. "And I see people who get, have my lyrics tattooed like that’s the best."

"Honestly three to four people every night at the shows [I see] my lyrics tattooed," he added. "It’s become like a thing where people will come to the shows. They’ll ask me to write in my handwriting — their favorite lyric of mine — and they’ll go and get a tattoo and come back like six months later with my lyrics tattooed. It’s crazy."

Miller has released multiple albums and EPs since he hit the music scene in 2012, but the most popular lyric fans get inked on themselves is from one of his first songs ever "I’m Alright": "We feel sorry, we feel pain, but there’s sunshine after rain." Those words are definitely ink-worthy.

Miller’s latest EP, "Based On A True Story," is available now. You can check it out here.

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