Here are more photos of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, plus Baby Sussex

Would you like to see more photos of the sweet Sussex baby? Of course you would! After the initial first three photos were released of the Sussex Three, I think they decided to release three more photos and these pics are super-cute too. One is of Harry and Meghan both looking at the baby and smiling. One is of Harry absolutely beaming as he looks at Meghan (he’s so proud of her!). And one is of Meghan looking at Harry with such devotion and happiness. They are truly blissed out.

It probably seems weird to even pay any attention to the negativity, but there’s been a lot of it directed at the Sussexes this week. Several royal reporters have been bitching about the timing of how the birth information was released on Monday, and they’re pissed that the palace waited so long to announce that Meghan was in labor. I get that the palace was sort of caught out – the palace had told reporters that they would release the “she’s in labor” information and the palace waited until Meghan gave birth. But let’s also be clear about something: even if the palace had released the info in a timely fashion, the royal reporters would still be bitching and moaning about *something*. They’ve set it up so Meghan and Harry will “fail” in their eyes no matter what they do.

Also: those same royal reporters are saying that we’ll likely get the name later today. I can’t wait to hear what it is! My guess is still Daniel Charles Henry, but I’ll also take Daniel Charles Philip.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and WENN.

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