Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern stun fans with ‘cheeky’ kisses in unearthed video

Holly Willoughby jokes about ‘vulva friendly bubble bath’

Fans of presenters Holly Willoughby, 39, and Stephen Mulhern, 43, were left speechless after an unearthed clip of the pair kissing on five separate occasions throughout an episode of their popular TV show back in the day, made its way online. After doing the rounds on social media platforms Instagram and TikTok, viewers couldn’t help but comment on the “cheeky” video from a Christmas installment of Holly & Stephen’s Saturday Showdown.

Don’t wear my lips out

Holly Willoughby

The pair hosted the Saturday morning’s children’s show from 2004 to 2006, which was previously called Ministry of Mayhem.

Holly can be seen prancing around in a skimpy Father Christmas outfit whereas her co-star Stephen donned a festive red Christmas jumper.

As he hands Holly a present, he says: “Here’s the deal. If you open it you must wear it for the whole show.

Holly opens it and pulls out a mistletoe covered green hat.

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“Hurray for me!” she cheers.

“I can kiss all of the boys in the world all of the time.”

She then went on to sing: “Tis the season to kiss Holly, fa la la la la la la la la!” to the tune of the classic Christmas hit, Deck the Halls.

But as Stephen leans in for a kiss, she exclaimed: “No! Stephen, you don’t count!”

He replied: “What do you mean, I don’t count? Whoever you are under the mistletoe with you must kiss”.

Getting his wish after all, he wished her a “happy Christmas” as he planted a kiss on her lips.

Holly sighed: “Don’t wear my lips out, I am going to be kissing Anthony from Blue soon…”

With the smooching becoming a regular occurrence throughout the rest of the show, Holly was forced to remove the hat altogether.

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“You are definitely on the naughty list!” she scolded her cheeky co-star.

Fans were positively gobsmacked by the video, with one commenting: “Wow, how young do they look here?!”

Another agreed: “Awww. They were so young!”

“Haha cheeky Stephen as usual,” someone else added.

A fourth retorted: “God, he would never be allowed to do that now!”

Others on TikTok agreed, with one saying: “Hahaha holy s**t, this wouldn’t be allowed now for so many reasons.”

“This was a different day and age,” noted another.

Despite going their separate ways after their morning show ended, the pair are still hugely popular with ITV and remain great friends.

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