David Tennant says he's in the dark about the next Dr Who

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David Tennant, 50, has talked about an accident he had while performing in a stage production. The former Doctor Who actor was doing his debut show, Romeo and Juliet, 15 years ago.

Around the World In 80 Days, Jules Verne’s classic novel, is being adapted into an eight-part TV series for the BBC.

David Tennant leads the cast, playing great explorer Phileas Fogg, in an adventure that is one of the most-anticipated TV shows of 2021.

As the dangerous adventure show is to be released on December 26, fans might be curious to hear about a rarely-told story involving David’s own personal adventures.

David appeared on The Graham Norton Show earlier this year to discuss his career.

The actor told Graham about a story during his first show, in which he accidentally hurt himself while playing the role of Romeo in the Shakespeare play. 

Graham prompted David to tell the story, to which he responded, talking about how the incident occurred towards the end of the play, as Romeo approaches “the tomb.”

He said: “As I went to the tomb at the end, and Juliet’s lying in the crypt, supposedly dead…”

The host then responded with a quip.

He said: “Don’t spoil it for people,” which was matched with applause from the live audience.

David continued: “You dispatch Paris, find Juliet, take some poison and then it finishes.”

The Harry Potter star explained how the stage actor playing Paris accidentally “caught” his finger while the two were performing the fight scene live.

“You can still see the scar,” he adds.

“At the time, I thought it was a bit nippy but it was fine. You keep going.”

He then said that he realised something was wrong.

“Juliet was wearing a white dress. I took her in my arms. 

“Then I realised my finger was bleeding. I mean a lot. It’s coming down my white suit.

“As the blood starts coming down I thought ‘oh no I’m gonna pass out.’”

The Scottish-born actor said that he was “squeamish” and was losing a “relatively large amount of blood”.

He concluded the anecdote, saying that Juliet was asleep the whole time, so she had no idea that she looked like “Carrie”.

The series will premiere Boxing Day (Sunday, December 26) at 5.50pm on BBC One.

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