Indya Moore Opens Up About Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Indya Moore is on the cover of AnOther Magazine, out on September 12.

Here’s what the 24-year-old Pose star had to say…

On the strength in vulnerability: “I hope that there isn’t a bracket on what I’m able to be vulnerable about. It’s not fair for people to expect me not to share the very real contemplations that I have about my experiences as a marginalised person, belonging to the history that I do…being able to share your most intimate truths is a strength, knowing the risk that comes with being vulnerable. The risk of being judged, the risk of being exploited. Choosing to be vulnerable while being aware that your vulnerability can be exploited is a strength.”

On staying true: “It’s a tough place to be and maintain who you are without being controlled by all the powers that be who want to use you to sell.”

On Pose: Pose is revolutionary because it’s giving people an insight [into the] experiences of people they’ve never met before, right on their living-room screens. When you see yourself in someone who is not you, you see your experience being represented in a body that is not yours, that looks nothing like you, that is what stimulates empathy. You’re able to empathise with an experience you may not have had any proximity to…people seeing us in the same spaces that they see themselves in ‘un-others’ us.”

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